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Commissioning a Painting Process

  1. Discuss subject, medium, sizes, timing, photos and possibly taking new photos of the subject.
  2. If you don’t have high quality digital file of the right photo you can mail or drop by a print (larger the better). Including a couple of other photos with different lighting and angles will help too. If you can’t find a photo you like for the painting I can take some of her specifically to paint from for a $40 sitting fee. If you are within 25 miles of my studio there is no travel costs. If over 25 miles, travel costs are negotiated. All photos are my property and can be purchased for a separate fee.
  3. A 50% deposit to start the painting is required.
  4. After get the right photo(s) and any direction for you an initial sketch will take about 1-3 weeks to complete. I will send you a sketch of the composition before I start painting for approval.
  5. When the painting is finished, I will email a photo of the painting for approval. Colors and lighting may not be accurate depending on the photo and your computer monitor limitations.
  6. The painting process usually takes between three weeks to two months depending on the portrait’s size and complexity, and my fluid freelance schedule.
  7. I will email a photo of the painting initial approval. Once approved, I will deliver it personally or by insured carrier, crated for safe transport and delivery.
  8. Client is responsible for delivery costs. Framing is extra, but would be glad to discuss frame style and size choices. Traditionally, original oil paintings are framed without a mat border and glass. Thicker frames give more importance and make the painting look bigger. If it’s a drawing instead of a painting it looks bigger with a matt border and frame under glass.
  9. Once you have had the painting for about 2 weeks and you see something you would like revised, I can fix any minor issues you have at only the cost of shipping back and forth. If you live close then there is no shipping costs involved. If you are still not happy with the results I will have to charge a small revision fee based on your needs.


One Subject Full Color Head and Shoulders Oil painting Portrait (Bust)

  • does not include hands
  • may include room or outdoor elements in background
  • subject painted realistic with impressionistic background
  • realistic background add 75% more
  • inclusion of hands, add 50% more
  • black and white ink drawing, subtract 40%
  • black and white pencil drawing, subtract 50%
  • dimensions are of inches of image area

8 x 10

11 x 14

12 x 16

16 x 20

20 x 24






I’m happy to discuss any other sizes or special situations. Your satisfaction is my number one priority. If this is agreeable, a 50% deposit to start is required and the remaining is due after final delivery. I accept cash, check, wire transfers and PayPal. To get started contact me with your questions, choice in size and photos.


Copyright is retained by Jay Montgomery in all artistic works. Client is only buying the original painting, not reproduction rights. Client may request a no-publish status for a small additional fee. Unlimited North American Reproduction Rights available for an additional 100% of portrait price.