Live Pastel Figure Drawing For Ad Agency

Live Pastel Figure Drawing For Ad Agency

Ames Scullin O’Haire ad agency (ASO) in Atlanta asked me to do a live drawing of life-sized, fit man and woman. ASO was making a video proposal wanting to be the main agency for a fitness center. This is an edited version only showing my part of the video. It was a bit different being filmed drawing, but with the right preparation, everyone was happy.

Special thanks to Ryan Mikesell, Sandra Love and the whole Ames Scullin O’Haire team for letting me use clips from their wonderful video.

Live Pastel Figure Drawing For Ad Agency

If you would like a live illustrator for your video or next brainstorming session:

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Hidden Racism in Baseball


A few months ago I worked on a t-shirt project for L.E.A.D. A 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization operating in Atlanta, Georgia. Who’s mission is to empower an at-risk generation to lead and transform their City. Through their year-round Pathway2Empowerment Programming, they inspire and equipping Black males with the empowerment they need to live a life of significance.

I had worked with CJ Stewart who is an Atlanta native and a former Chicago Cubs outfielder. He has earned the recognition of being one of the top baseball player development professionals in the country. As the founder and CEO of Diamond Directors, Stewart has achieved unmatched success in the player development industry. He has over 13 years of experience and his firm has developed some of the game’s top amateur, collegiate and professional players. Stewart’s impressive client list includes Jason Heyward (Chicago Cubs), Dexter Fowler (Chicago Cubs), Andrew Jones (Chicago White Sox), and Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates).

Together over about a 2 week period, we brainstormed ideas about exposing racism in baseball. Here is a bit of what you can expect in terms of ideas for a main graphic or illustration that’s not worked out yet by the client. I did these for a new initiative exposing the blackballing of high school black males from getting picked for college teams based on the color of their skin. CJ was wonderful to work with on the project. These were all created with the combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. I emailed over several multipage PDF’s with number ideas so that we could easily discuss what was working and not. The first and last design in the video is the one planned for a t-shirt design.

Which one do you like? Comment with which numbers in the top left.

The video slideshow created in Photoshop was originally intended for Instagram. That’s why it’s black on the sides.

Final designs created completely as a vector art ready for 4 spot color silkscreen printing.
Blackballed in Baseball Graphic

Blackballed Baseball Player

Do you like another design in the video better or are these the best designs to get out the message of hidden racism in baseball.


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Santa Photo Area Fabrication Illustrations

Early this year, right after Christmas, I had the honor working on these proposal illustrations for a fabrication company that specializes in entertainment, environments and interactive experiences on a grand scale. These were concept designs that would actually be built for a mall Santa photo area and decorations throughout the mall. See the sketched people in each scene to get a sense of scale – MASSIVE!. It was a fantastical, creative, interactive Christmas music box theme experience for kids of all ages as they get their Santa photos taken. Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Utilized some 3D tools within Photoshop as well. I initially provided black and white sketches and then over 35 final elements and variations.  I’d love to do more work like this!


Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Magically Musical Christmas

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Entry Arch

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Overhead View

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-High and Low Overhead Decor

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Musical Tower

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Gingerbread House Music Box

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Vintage Village Music Box

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Ice Skating Music Box

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Tall Christmas Tree Music Boxes

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Santa Throne Silver_Short Option

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Santa Throne Gold_Tall Option

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Photo Sales Silver Option

Restaurant Branding

Restaurant Branding

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Dining Menu

A few months ago I was contacted by the owner of Bay Breeze of South Atlanta to redesign the printed dining menu and rebranding the advertising of this one restaurant which is apart of a small chain of seafood restaurants in the Hampton, GA area. They wanted on upgrade on look and feel and wanted to use custom illustrations rather than relying on photos of the food. I visited the restaurant to talk with the owner and get a feel of the place and was treated to a very tasty lunch and dessert. One of the many reasons I like working for local restaurants is to get to try the yummy food! So I got to designing a new layout and wound up creating over 30 illustrations of seafood and other menu design elements. I also came up with the idea that each section/page would be color coded for easy navigation in the 8 page 11″ x 17″ menu.

Old Menu Design

New Menu Design

Bay Breeze - dining menu cover

Bay Breeze - print menu dessert beverage

Bay Breeze print menu - broiler fried pages

Bay Breeze print menu - steaks pasta pages

Bay Breeze print menu - starters kids menu pages

Bay Breeze print menu - lunch specails page

To Go Menu

After the main dining menu was complete I took the same content to reformat into a 17″ x 11″ double gate fold with 4 columns on each side.


Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant website design

The owner then wanted the same custom illustrations, colors and textures on their website. So using their existing WordPress theme I updated the graphics and added an homepage sliders, illustrative backgrounds, menu section illustrations, email catcher, interactive map, social media sharing and all images and pages search engine optimized. Yet another pleased client realizing their brand across print, website and social media. Instead of showing a bunch a website screenshots, go check out how the navigation and mobile responsiveness works.

Bay Breeze seafood restaurant website design

Bay Breeze Social Media Branding

With all the design elements, new logo, painterly textures, fonts, colors on the menus and websites this new design was implemented to the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts of Bay Breeze of South Atlanta for a unified brand. Click the links to these accounts to get the full experience, but here is a “taste” of the Instagram profile that’s making me hungry just writing this.


The rebranding was a great success according to the owner and the wait staff. Let me know what you think with a comment below. 

Contact me today for your updated restaurant branding!

Interactive Employee Training Video

Interactive Employee Training Video

Last year I designed and illustrated graphics for a Kimberly Clark interactive employee training video. From Creative Director’s text based storyboards and meeting I designed and illustrated over 142 different screens for one training video. I provided client with multipage PDF of each section and organized layered PSD files. Final product was an interactive web-based training video.

A lot of work where each element like a person, screen, desk or chart was on it own layer either created with Illustrator or Photoshop. Whole process was several hours a day for about a month. I’d like to do more work like this. It seems like most corporate videos use simpler graphics, stock photos and clip art. This really sets the interaction and connection to the user to a higher level of understanding. I wish I could show the final interactive video but it’s strictly an internal thing at Kimberly Clark. I got permission to show my work as stills.

With so many screen I decided to create this video slideshow with some timing adjustments and video effects.

Various Screens from the Training Video