Hidden Racism in Baseball

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A few months ago I worked on a t-shirt project for L.E.A.D. A 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization operating in Atlanta, Georgia. Who’s mission is to empower an at-risk generation to lead and transform their City. Through their year-round Pathway2Empowerment Programming, they inspire and equipping Black males with the empowerment they need to live a life of significance.

I had worked with CJ Stewart who is an Atlanta native and a former Chicago Cubs outfielder. He has earned the recognition of being one of the top baseball player development professionals in the country. As the founder and CEO of Diamond Directors, Stewart has achieved unmatched success in the player development industry. He has over 13 years of experience and his firm has developed some of the game’s top amateur, collegiate and professional players. Stewart’s impressive client list includes Jason Heyward (Chicago Cubs), Dexter Fowler (Chicago Cubs), Andrew Jones (Chicago White Sox), and Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates).

Together over about a 2 week period, we brainstormed ideas about exposing racism in baseball. Here is a bit of what you can expect in terms of ideas for a main graphic or illustration that’s not worked out yet by the client. I did these for a new initiative exposing the blackballing of high school black males from getting picked for college teams based on the color of their skin. CJ was wonderful to work with on the project. These were all created with the combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. I emailed over several multipage PDF’s with number ideas so that we could easily discuss what was working and not. The first and last design in the video is the one planned for a t-shirt design.

Which one do you like? Comment with which numbers in the top left.

The video slideshow created in Photoshop was originally intended for Instagram. That’s why it’s black on the sides.

Final designs created completely as a vector art ready for 4 spot color silkscreen printing.
Blackballed in Baseball Graphic

Blackballed Baseball Player

Do you like another design in the video better or are these the best designs to get out the message of hidden racism in baseball.

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