Santa Photo Area Fabrication Illustrations

Early this year, right after Christmas, I had the honor working on these proposal illustrations for a fabrication company that specializes in entertainment, environments and interactive experiences on a grand scale. These were concept designs that would actually be built for a mall Santa photo area and decorations throughout the mall. See the sketched people in each scene to get a sense of scale – MASSIVE!. It was a fantastical, creative, interactive Christmas music box theme experience for kids of all ages as they get their Santa photos taken. Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Utilized some 3D tools within Photoshop as well. I initially provided black and white sketches and then over 35 final elements and variations.  I’d love to do more work like this!


Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Magically Musical Christmas

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Entry Arch

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Overhead View

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-High and Low Overhead Decor

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Musical Tower

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Gingerbread House Music Box

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Vintage Village Music Box

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Ice Skating Music Box

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Tall Christmas Tree Music Boxes

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Santa Throne Silver_Short Option

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Santa Throne Gold_Tall Option

Santa-Photo-Area-Jay-Montgomery-Photo Sales Silver Option

About the author

I have known from the first time I picked up a crayon that I wanted to be an artist. In 1992, I received Bachelor of Arts with honors with concentrations in Graphic Design, and Drawing & Painting from LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia. Right after that I attended the Illustration program at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating in 1994 winning several awards and honors. Worked as an on staff illustrator for a small design firm for a year and a half, then struck out on my own. Now for the past 18+ years I have tremendously enjoyed being able to pursue my love for art professionally as a freelance illustrator. I work/play from my home studio near Atlanta, GA. I have over 20 years computer graphics experience and I am fluent in all of the Adobe Creative Suite CC, Painter 10, Poser 9, and the latest hardware, all of which is in my studio. My image problem solving takes many forms that fit the clients needs. By combining various situations and objects into bold and interesting angles I am able to convey clear ideas to the viewer in a realistic manner. Most of my early work is in oils, but now I can achieve a similar look which is much faster and easily edited in the computer using my own special digital techniques. When I’m not illustrating, I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy doing home improvement projects discussing current news events, pop culture, bike riding and watching movies.

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