Restaurant Branding

Restaurant Branding

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Dining Menu

A few months ago I was contacted by the owner of Bay Breeze of South Atlanta to redesign the printed dining menu and rebranding the advertising of this one restaurant which is apart of a small chain of seafood restaurants in the Hampton, GA area. They wanted on upgrade on look and feel and wanted to use custom illustrations rather than relying on photos of the food. I visited the restaurant to talk with the owner and get a feel of the place and was treated to a very tasty lunch and dessert. One of the many reasons I like working for local restaurants is to get to try the yummy food! So I got to designing a new layout and wound up creating over 30 illustrations of seafood and other menu design elements. I also came up with the idea that each section/page would be color coded for easy navigation in the 8 page 11″ x 17″ menu.

Old Menu Design

New Menu Design

Bay Breeze - dining menu cover

Bay Breeze - print menu dessert beverage

Bay Breeze print menu - broiler fried pages

Bay Breeze print menu - steaks pasta pages

Bay Breeze print menu - starters kids menu pages

Bay Breeze print menu - lunch specails page

To Go Menu

After the main dining menu was complete I took the same content to reformat into a 17″ x 11″ double gate fold with 4 columns on each side.


Bay Breeze Seafood Restaurant website design

The owner then wanted the same custom illustrations, colors and textures on their website. So using their existing WordPress theme I updated the graphics and added an homepage sliders, illustrative backgrounds, menu section illustrations, email catcher, interactive map, social media sharing and all images and pages search engine optimized. Yet another pleased client realizing their brand across print, website and social media. Instead of showing a bunch a website screenshots, go check out how the navigation and mobile responsiveness works.

Bay Breeze seafood restaurant website design

Bay Breeze Social Media Branding

With all the design elements, new logo, painterly textures, fonts, colors on the menus and websites this new design was implemented to the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts of Bay Breeze of South Atlanta for a unified brand. Click the links to these accounts to get the full experience, but here is a “taste” of the Instagram profile that’s making me hungry just writing this.


The rebranding was a great success according to the owner and the wait staff. Let me know what you think with a comment below. 

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