Kids menu design and illustration for hotel

Kids menu design and illustration for hotel

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Several months ago, at my job at the largest ad agency in the world, I was proud and excited to design the new kids menu for a certain international hotel chain that you have certainly heard of. I don’t want to use the well known hotel chain name starting with “H” so I don’t upset the copyright lawyers doing a keyword search. Ha!

In the ad world there is very little time to do original¬† illustration. Bummer! So this, like most of the quick work I did there started out as a downloaded stock illustration that was manipulated to work with the concept and layout. One designer found the base of sea creatures in vector format, then I tweaked and modified the illustrations. I removed all the black lines for a more sophisticated look. The games on the place mat were my concept, design, illustration and production. I also did the adult versions of the menu, door hanger for room service, posters, voicemail pad, but that’s another post and not as fun as these.

These menus should currently be in most of the “H” Inn locations and not the “H” Inn Express locations since they have no internal restaurant. It was really cool to see them being used in my local Hotel. Let me know if you happen to see them in their natural habitat.

  • Stock Illustration base
  • Kids Place Mat Menu - front
  • Kids Place Mat Menu - back
  • Kids Room Service Breakfast Menu
  • Kids Room Service Dinner Menu


Menu design and illustration layout

Found these menus and place mats in downtown Atlanta.

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